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Our collection of artificial leather for upholstery, which does not contain carcinogenic substances, is carefully selected from products in accordance with the European Union Reach Regulation and is in our Collection as Manufactured and imported from Europe. Our artificial leathers, produced with raw materials of high standards, instantly adapt to room temperature and body temperature. Hundreds of upholstery artificial leather in different patterns and color alternatives is waiting to come to life in your projects!

What is upholstery faux leather? It is our product group that is ecological, durability and ease of use, technical values and an alternative to natural leather. They are materials produced in different types according to raw material and production technology.

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Outdoor Suni Deri
Döşemelik Kumaş
Volga Suni Deri
Suni Deri Kumaş
Suni Deri Kumaş
Suni Deri
Suni Deri

Andean Artificial Leather

Suni deri, gerçek derinin görünümünü taklit etmek amacıyla üretilen sentetik bir malzemedir. Suni deri, hayvan derisi yerine çevre dostu ve etik bir alternatif sunar. Gerçek deri üretiminin çeşitli çevresel ve etik endişeleri beraberinde getirdiği günümüzde, suni deri popüler bir seçenek haline gelmiştir.
Picture of Marseille  Artificial Leather
Döşemelik Kumaş
Suni Deri

Orvieto Faux Leather

Orvieto product has outdoor-indoor, flame retardant, salt and chlorinated water resistance and antibacterial properties. Color and tone differences may occur between different lots.
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